Qik - Stream live video ( beta )

Qik (pronounced 'quick')

Qik enables you to share moments of your life with your friends, family and the world - directly from your cell phone!

Keep your world in the know, share a laugh, tell engaging stories. Just point your cell phone and stream video live to your your friends on Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, etc. OR use your cell phone like a camcorder and stream hours and hours of video without worrying about storage on your cell phone.

Ένα πολλά υποσχόμενο και πρωτοποριακό social network project!


as video streaming can consume considerable amount of bandwidth

Δυστυχώς δεν έχω την ευκαιρία - προς το παρόν ελπίζω - να δοκιμάσω την υπηρεσία καθώς ΔΕΝ υποστηρίζονται τόσο το Qtek 9000 μου όσο και το HTC Advantage μου.

Α ρε Nokia ... ποτέ μου δεν σε χώνεψα!

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