How do you use a Coca-Cola? 47 ideas are here...

In 2006, the brilliant hopeful 1st-year students of the Technology Management Department, University of Macedonia, Greece were asked to write down as many uses of coke as possible.
Here’s the uncensored list of their innovative ideas:

for freshening one’s breath

to help sb swallow a pill

for dying sth brown, e.g. in confectionery

for relaxing by hearing it flow

for dousing sb/spoiling one’s clothes

for relieving one’s stomach after heavily eating (in lieu of soda) or for treating stomach-ache in general

for making (artistic) structures with its used containers, e.g. a model spaceshipfor recycling its containers (bottles, tins/cans)

for using its container as a pencil case

to put objects, like coins, in its containers and make noise

to play a game such as hockey or football with a tin

to play the telephone game, also known as broken telephone

mixed with alcohol or another soft drink to make a cocktai

frozen and made into ice cream

for treating diarrhœa

for polishing coins (after putting them in a glass of cola for an hour )

for keeping those who drink it awoken, for cola contains caffeine

for extinguishing a small fire

for belching to attract others’ attention

for filling water bomb-like balloons

for decoying flies or other insects into its container and trapping

for feeling excited while watching a f

for unclogging a sink or sewer

as a loss leader

for offering it as a gift, to persuade children to eat their meal

by those who want to get fat (as coke is high in calories)

as a food/chewing gum ingredient

for turning its containers into candle-holders

because it’s cheaper than other beverages

to wash down a dish or snack, esp. pizza

keeping one of its containers as a vase

for watering plants

to keep other liquids, like water or oil in its containers

to make a collection of bottles, tins or caps

for washing one’s hands, clothes, or having a b

to see what happens if you put a piece of meat in a glass of cola (and never drink it again)

to help people in developing countries by supporting the Coca Cola company campaign

for removing rust from metal

for throwing a full bottle or tin at sb’s head into a football pitch

if put in a fridge beforehand, as a coolant (for keeping sth cool or relieving a hurt bodily area)

as a raising agent (instead of baking powder) when making pizza dough

for cleaning dirty surfaces

for cheering one up

it’s healthy to drink a little cola daily

to stop feeling hungry.

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